Can you wear brown shoes with black pants?

Brown Shoes with Black Pants

Brown Shoes with Black Pants

Question: Can you wear brown shoes with black pants?
Wearing brown shoes with black pants are an epic fashion faux pas. No matter how many times you might try to pull this look off, know that it never really works. The trouble with brown shoes and black pants is that they never really match, because while a dark brown might be close to black, it still is not black.

If you consider yourself to be fashion forward or are into balking the system, then aim for a brown in a contrasting lighter color. You can also choose a tan or medium brown, but never go dark. Not sure which brown to pick, then try matching it to an accessory, like a belt or necklace. For a mix of black and brown, look for brown shoes with black stitching, but whatever route you choose, always own your look and no one will ever doubt your fashion choice.

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