How to Thread Your Own Eyebrows

How To Thread Your Eyebrows

How To Thread Your Eyebrows


Eyebrow threading is a hair removal technique popular in India and the Middle East, but in the last several years it has also gained popularity in the U.S. It involves using a double strand of thread to pick up hair and remove it. Most commonly, this technique is done in spas or salons, but it can also be performed at home. With a little practice you can become a pro at threading your own eyebrows.

Start with the Right Tools

To thread your eyebrows, you will need the following tools:

  • High-cotton thread cut to about a three inches longer than your forearm. Using a high-cotton thread will ensure the hair is easily gripped and removed.
  • Small scissors, either grooming or from a sewing kit
  • A lash comb or a spoolie (a tool with a mascara-type brush at the end)


Trimming Before You Thread


Before you begin threading your eyebrows, you first need to trim them to eliminate any long hairs. This will make threading easier and more accurate.

Take your lash comb or spoolie and comb your eyebrows straight up. Then use the combing tool to hold your brows in place while you carefully trim the longer hairs. You don’t need to cut a lot off, just the smallest amount possible until all the brows are the same length. Then repeat the same process, except this time, comb your brows downward.

Once you are finished, comb your brows back into their normal shape. You will probably already notice how nicely groomed they appear. Now you are ready to start the threading process.

Time to Thread

Step 1.

To start threading you need to prepare your cotton thread. Take the piece you’ve already cut and tie the ends making a loop. Then cut off any excess thread.

How to Thread Eyebrows 1


Step 2.

Next, pick up the looped thread. Hold one end completely still with one hand, while you twist the other end about 5-8 times with your other hand. Make sure the knot is on one of the ends and not in the middle of the thread.

How to Thread Eyebrows 2


Step 3.

Now place your index finger and thumb through the loop on both sides and practice expanding one side, while closing the other at the same time. This will cause the thread to twist towards the hand that is closing which pinches and removes the hair. Once you get the hang of it you can began threading but always remember to work in the the opposite direction of the way your hair it grows.

How to Thread Eyebrows 3
Step 4.

Began by placing one hand above your eyebrow and the other below. Make sure the hand that you will be expanding is the hand on the bottom so you will pull the hair in the correct direction. Now position the “V” directly over the hair you want to remove, place the thread against your skin, and expand your hand quickly. The twisted area should shift over the hair and pull it out. Then open your fingers on the other hand to shift the knot back and repeat to all desired areas.

How to Thread Eyebrows 4


Try not to perform the threading too slowly or with a jerky motion, or the hair may not come out as easily or cleanly as you want. The more you practice this technique, the faster you will be able to remove unwanted hairs.

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