What are the health benefits of chamomile tea?

Health benefits of chamomile tea

Health benefits of chamomile tea

Question: What are the health benefits of chamomile tea?
The health benefits of chamomile tea are quite powerful. It can be used to treat a wide variety of conditions. However, it may also have serious side effects, such as interacting with prescription medicine. For these reasons alone, you should talk to your doctor before using it to treat your health concerns, or if you are pregnant.

The calming effects of chamomile tea are especially beneficial if you suffer from insomnia or anxiety. Drinking several cups a day may help improve your sleep and reduce stress induced insomnia.

Chamomile tea may also help immune function, especially when you have a cold or virus. In addition, some studies have found that drinking chamomile tea when you are menstruating may help reduce cramps. Amino acids in the tea have been shown to help relax muscles and tension.

Used as a topical treatment, chamomile tea can help soothe skin conditions, such as eczema, diaper rash and dermatitis. Before using it as a topical treatment, do a skin patch test to ensure you are not allergic to the chamomile.


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