How to Dip Dye Your Hair

How to Dip Dye Hair

How to Dip Dye Hair

Dipped dyed hair has one of the hottest trends in hair, especially among celebrities. There are two ways to rock the dip dye look. The first one is the ombre look, which involves coloring the bottom of your hair a lighter shade, while the other is to go with a very bright color.

Achieving the look at home is possible, but does require a bleaching or highlighting kit. You will need to bleach your hair at the ends if you want to create the ombre look. If you are blonde and want to dye your ends darker, then you can skip the bleaching step and go right to adding color.

Dip Dyed HairBefore dying your hair, decide where you want the color. The dip dye look can be worn on just the ends of your hair, including your bangs, or you can dye a larger majority of your hair. Then divide your hair into sections and clip back each section until you are ready to dye it.

Prepare the bleaching or highlighting product and begin to comb it through each section of hair. Be sure to protect your skin and clothing before applying the bleaching solution by covering it up with an old towel or shirt. After combing the bleach or coloring through your hair, wrap each section with tin foil or plastic wrap. This will help evenly distribute the color throughout your hair. Let the bleach or color sit in your hair for the recommended time, (dye time should be listed on the product packaging), and then rinse thoroughly and apply conditioner.

Follow this same process if you want to color the bleached hair a brighter color.
Note: For the brightly colored look, you may need to order neon colored dye online if you can not find it at specialty beauty stores.
Colorful Dip Dyed Hair

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