Short Haircuts for Women

Short Haircuts for Women

Short Haircuts for Women

As one year starts end, and a new year is on the horizon, you might be thinking about making some resolutions, which could include a new look. Short hairstyles were definitely big in 2014, and trends indicate they will continue to be a mainstay for 2015.

The Textured Bob

The bob got an upgrade this year, and went from sleek and smooth, to curly and textured. This new textured bob looks very modern, and is especially great for women with naturally curly hair. If you have straight hair, all you need is a conical curling iron, and some texturizing spray to create soft, beachy, and messy waves. The textured bob also works great with a side sweep bang, or a more blunt front bang.

Juliana Hough with a Short Textured Bob

Juliana Hough

Karlie Kloss with a Short Textured Bob

Karlie Kloss

Kimberly Caldwell with a Short Textured Bob

Kimberly Caldwell

Jessica Stroup with a Short Textured Bob

Jessica Stroup

Samaire Armstrong with a Short Textured Bob

Samaire Armstrong

Ashley Oleson with a Short Textured Bob

Ashley Oleson

The Choppy Pixie

The pixie cut was all the rage this year, especially when Jennifer Lawrence chopped her long locks. Instead of the traditional, boy-inspired pixie, this more modern take adds tussled waves around the face, or on top. Another option, especially if you are growing your pixie out, is to wear the top longer and sweep it to side. It’s sexy, sleek and fun, and allows you keep your hair short while still have styling options.

Anne Hathaway with a Choppy Pixie

Anne Hathaway

Audrey Tautou with a Choppy Pixie

Audrey Tautou

Halle Berry with a Choppy Pixie

Halle Berry

Ginnifer Goodwin with a Choppy Pixie

Ginnifer Goodwin

Jennifer Lawrence with a Choppy Pixie

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Hudson with a Choppy Pixie

Jennifer Hudson

The Buzz Cut

One of the most fashion forward short hairstyles is the buzz cut. Miley Cyrus rocked several versions this past year, including a more asymmetric cut, where she keep it longer on top and buzzed the sides. Let’s not forget the beautiful Amber Rose, who epitomizes glamour in her platinum buzz cut. This style is definitely not for the faint of heart, but if you are brave enough to wear it, be sure to wear with confidence.

Amber Rose with a Buzz

Amber Rose

Natalie Portman with a Buzz

Natalie Portman

Rihanna with a Buzz


Miley Cyrus with a Buzz

Miley Cyrus

The Crop

Can’t commit to a bob or pixie cut? Then the crop might be just the thing for you. It can be worn choppy and textured, or sleek and smooth. Another great aspect to this style is that it can even be worn pulled or sweep back for a more edgy, sophisticated look for those nights out on the town.

Frankie Sandford with a Short Crop

Frankie Sandford

Jenna Elfman with a Short Crop

Jenna Elfman

Michelle Williams with a Short Crop

Michelle Williams

Maggie Gyllenhaal with a Short Crop

Maggie Gyllenhaal

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