Does lotion expire?

Does Lotion Expire

Does Lotion Expire


Question: Does lotion expire?
Most lotions are made with products to help them last longer. However, over time, even these products can lose their freshness. Read the label of all your lotions to see if there is a recommended expiration date, especially if it contains SPF. As with sunscreen, SPF is only good for a certain amount of time. Be sure to throw out any lotions that have been opened but not used for at least two years. If the lotion is unopened, but is over three years old, it is probably better to throw it out. Older lotion is not harmful to your skin, but it may have lost its ability to hydrate or moisturize, especially if has been stored above room temperature. If you notice a change in smell or consistency in your lotion’s texture, you should probably opt to discard it, as well.


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