How to Create Wavy Hair with a Flat Iron

Create Wavy Hair With A Flat Iron

Create Wavy Hair With A Flat Iron

I’m sure you’ve noticed in a Victoria’s Secret Magazine that all the models have beautiful beachy, wavy hairstyles. So many women desire this type of hairstyle but have no idea on how to achieve it. Well believe it or not the best and easiest method is with a straightening iron.

The key to perfecting this style, is to make sure you are using the correct products and tools. Not just any old flat iron will allow you to create the perfect waves and curls. You will need to purchase a hair straightener that has 1″, curved plates and ceramic technology.  A flat plate will cause the hair to get tangled or get snagged, whereas, a curved plate will allow the hair to glide across it when twisting the iron to create a wave or curl!

Note: To insure that you have a perfect result, make sure that you blow dry your hair prior to styling with the flat iron. The way your hair looks before is a huge indicator of what it will look like in the end.  Please take the time to smooth, prep and create a great base for your hairstyle.

Wavy Looks for Different Hair Lengths:


Short Hair

Short Wavy Hair


Medium Wavy Hair

Medium Wavy Hair


Long Wavy Hair

Long Wavy Hair


How To Create The Beachy Hairstyle


What You’ll Need:

  • Flat Iron: Use a model that has 1″ curved plates and features ceramic technology.
  • Thermal Protectant: A heat protection spray will help protect your hair from the intense temperature of the straightening iron. It acts as a shield, guarding the hair from heat damage. Think about it, you would never grab a hot pan out of the oven without an oven mitt…the same rules apply to the hair.
  • Comb: A styling comb helps you smooth out each section of hair, removing any tangles. You can also use the comb to lightly back comb the roots to create volume.
  • Clips: Clips will help keep you organized by sectioning any unwanted hair out of the way
  • Hairspray: A setting spray is a girl’s best friend! It will help to prolong the life of those beautiful waves you just created.

Product Suggestions



  1. Comb hair to get rid of any tangles Turn on flat iron and allow to heat up
  2. Apply a thermal protectant, whether it be a spray or serum
  3. Section the hair and clip aside
  4. Take a small section, clamp the flat iron horizontally about 1” away from your scalp
  5. Gently twist your wrist inward and slowly pull the iron down the hair completing a full turn with the iron. Make sure that when you reach the ends of your hair that you make a final twist with the iron insuring that you don’t have straight ends, unless that is your desired look. For a very loose wave, start farther away from the scalp
  6. Repeat steps 1-5 on remaining pieces of hair
  7. Once finished, softly tousle hair with your fingertips or comb
  8. Set with hairspray


Make sure that you practice this technique on your hair a few times to perfect.  Also, it is very important to keep the temperature setting of your iron on the correct heat range to prevent damage.  Check out our review on Flat Iron Temperature.

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