Ombre Hair Color Technique

Ombre Hair Coloring

Ombre Hair Coloring


Ombre is the perfect hair color for the low maintenance kinda girl…

I have come to the conclusion that natural beauty in your hair is far more attractive than heavily colored or highlighted styles.  If you pick up a Cosmopolitan, Vogue, People, Elle or Victoria’s Secret magazine you will notice that the runway models and celebrities are sporting a natural root line with soft highlights or a lighter color coming through the ends.  This coloring technique is called Ombre, which means graduation in French, in hair terms it means the hair starts off 1-2 levels darker at the root area and gradually gets lighter at the mid shaft and ends.  This look is very big among the celebrities in Hollywood, and I think they look gorgeous!!!!

If you have the itch to change up your hairstyle, try it!  The key to perfecting this style is making sure the hair color blends, if you have very dark roots do not go for platinum blonde ends, it defeats the more natural approach, gear towards a more Carmel tone.  If you do not want all of your hair lighter on the bottom then try subtle highlights making sure your hairstylist does not highlight your root area.

For a more dramatic change then you can certainly have different colors applied on your ends I have seen blonde, hot pink, red, yellow, green and blue anything will work, just remember the choice is yours!

Ombre hair coloring will allow you to spend less time at the salon and will help space out more time in between your visits!


Ombre Hair Color

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