Month 2 of Your Pregnancy

Pregnancy Month 2


In the second month of your pregnancy, you will feel pretty similar to the first month. Nausea, fatigue and dizziness still linger, along with food cravings, and frequent need to pee. Your breasts will continue to be tender, while increasing in size. You will also notice your areolas are becoming darker, while your nipples are becoming larger.

One new symptom you may incur is pregnancy acne. This is caused by changes in your hormone levels. However, this is usually replaced by that pregnancy glow everyone talks about. As your hormones level continue to change, thanks to the production progesterone, you will start to feel warmer, and you may notice that your stomach is beginning to swell slightly.

While your body is going through changes, your baby is continuing to develop and grow. During the early part of the month, the embryo transforms from being round to a longer, more seahorse type shape. Throughout the second month of pregnancy, your baby’s shape will continue to grow and change. Limbs will grow, the outer ear, eyes, and nose will start to develop, and kidneys will form.

The embryo also begins to develop three layers that will later produce all of your baby’s tissues and organs. As the month progresses, your baby’s central nervous system and cardiovascular system continue to develop.
One of the biggest changes is the start of your baby’s heartbeat, and the production of blood cells. This is vital for the exchange of nutrients and oxygen from you to your baby.


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