Nail Polish Trends

Nail Polish Colors Trends

Nail Polish Colors Trends


Ahhh…! There is nothing better than having your nails freshly polished and manicured! Women look so put together and lady-like with nice nails, especially when they are wearing the latest and greatest in nail colors and trends!

If you look at any Vogue, People, Cosmo or Elle you will see the top celebrities sporting trendy, beautiful nails. Softer shades, such as pastels (especially pistachio green!) are trending strong alongside soft reds and pinks. Beige, nude, and cream are the must-have neutrals. Colors like burgundy, coral, bright orange or yellow are everywhere, so definitely don’t be afraid to go bold! Really fun and trendy looks like glitter, designs and different patterns are being spotted all over Hollywood as well!


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Some of the Newest Color Trends



Orange & Neutrals


Orange & Neutral Nail Polish



Nail Textures & Patterns

Nail Textures & Patterns




Nail Glitters

Play around and try something new! When it comes to trend-on nails this season, it’s all about your own creativity, so let loose and have some fun!

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