Eye Makeup for Green Eyes

Makeup for Green Eyes

Makeup for Green Eyes


Well, I have to say I am a little bias to green eyes, because I have them. In my opinion, they are one of the prettiest colors one can have, especially, if you can get the application down pat on how to enhance the green tone. You will be amazed at how much your eyes will pop! There are certain shades that compliment green and certain shades that really clash, take away and wash out the shades potential.

I highly recommend that you practice, practice, practice your eye shadow application. It can take a long time to perfect and get used to matching up different colors that really enhance the hue. Play around with different shades and follow the steps below for different ideas on where and how to start.

Know Your Skin Type

Women who have green eyes typically either have light colored skin accompanied by freckles or have an olive skin tone. If you are fair skinned then stay away from shimmery or deep shades. For Olive skin tones stay away from blue and silver shades.


Choose Your Colors

The best color for green eyes are plums, violets, purples, pinks, gold’s, bronze, copper, light beige’s to chocolate brown, grey, silver and contrasting greens. I would avoid blues, whites, pastels and use caution with greens, always going with a lighter or darker green shade, never the same level or tone.

Product Suggestions



Purple Makeup for Green Eyes_eyes



Pink Makeup for Green Eyes



Gold & Browns

Gold & Brown Makeup for Green Eyes



Green Makeup for Green Eyes


Switch Up Your Mascara

Most women always purchase black mascara, when in return it can be too harsh. Try a brown or get out of your box and try plum or colored mascara, it really looks cool with green eyes!!


Direction for Eye Makeup Application


  1. Apply foundation and/or a primer to eyelids
  2. Use a light color to create a canvas and sweep it all over the eyelid. Then concentrate on highlighting the area right below the eye brow line.
  3. Next, apply the most intense shade to only the eyelid
  4. Then, Use a deeper color to the crease of the eye, and blend.
  5. Finish with mascara
  6. Make sure to apply the lightest color right below the brown line to enhance.

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