What should I wear on a first date?

What should I wear on a first date

What should I wear on a first date


Question: What should I wear on a first date?
As the saying goes, “You only get one chance to make a first impression,” so it better be a good one, especially on a first date. You should always make an effort to look your best, without sacrificing your comfort level either. Wearing clothes that are too tight, are made from itchy fabrics or are more trendy than you usually wear will leave you feeling uncomfortable and may distract you from enjoying your date.

The best way to choose an outfit for a first date is by the day, time and location of the date. For women, some designers recommend starting with your shoe choice and building an outfit from there. For instance, if you are going on a day date or a causal date, you can never go wrong with a heeled boot, bootie or pump, paired with tailored jeans and a sweater or fitted top, or a fun, flirty dress. Adding a denim jacket is also a great way to dress down a dressier dress. If your date is in the evening or at a nice restaurant, you can never go wrong with a figure flattering, ladylike dress in your favorite color. Add a fun pair of peep-toe heels or strappy sandals for a modern look.

For men, the best way to choose your first date look is by considering where the date is taking place. If you picked a coffee house or somewhere more laid back, then you want to keep it causal. You should opt for either a sweater or pressed shirt paired with dark wash, tailored jeans or khakis. Remember, just because it is causal doesn’t mean you can wear your gym shoes. Avoid the sneakers and opt for a nicer pair of shoes. If you are taking your date out to a nice restaurant, you may still be able to wear jeans as long as they are a dark wash and you pair them with a blazer. Otherwise, you should wear dress slacks and a nice pressed shirt, which you can also pair with a blazer, and dress shoes. Another option is to wear a tie and shirt underneath a sweater.

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