How to Blow Dry Hair Straight

How To Blow Dry Straight Hair

How To Blow Dry Straight Hair

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Step 1.

Drying Preparation

Start by applying a smoothing hair product and a thermal protectant to your damp hair. To ensure the product is evenly distributed, run a comb through your hair before you begin to dry it with medium heat and high speed. The goal is to give your roots a bit of lift so that when you are completely finished drying your hair it won’t be flat and limp.

Blow Drying Hair Straight Step 1


Step 2.

Pre-Dry Your Hair

Pre-drying your hair for a few minutes to remove a good portion of the moisture, because locking in the smoothness happens at the very end. Blow dry your hair while gently running your finger through your hair from root to tips. If you have any tangles free them from the bottom up.

Blow Drying Hair Straight Step 2


Product Suggestions


Step 3.

Working in Sections

Now, divide your hair into 3-5 sections and secure the top parts with hair clips. Using the concentrator nozzle that comes with your hair dryer and brush, start drying the back section of your hair. Run the brush on the under side of the strand you are working on and follow with the dryer from above. Always dry the hair starting at the root and working your way down to the ends, while holding the dryer at a downward angle. This will give your hair a natural shine and keep it looking smoother. Once a section is dry, move onto another sections until all of your hair is straight.

Blow Drying Hair Straight Step 3


Step 4.

Finishing Touches

Finish the look by switching the hair dryer to the cool setting and giving your hair a few blasts of cold air. Then apply some more smoothing serum onto the ends or on any flyaways.

Blow Drying Hair Straight Step 4


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