Can you repair split ends?

Can Your Repair Split Ends

Can Your Repair Split Ends


Question: Can you repair split ends?
Answer: No
Ah, the dreaded split end, it can wreak havoc on your hair. While the most common and only solution for split ends is to have your stylist cut them off, there are things you can do prevent them from occurring.

Before washing that conditioner out of your hair in the shower, run a wide-tooth comb through your hair. This will ensure the tangles are removed before you style your hair, as trying to remove them once the hair is towel dried can cause breakage. Using a leave-in conditioner before you style your hair is also a great way to prevent split ends.

Opting for more expensive styling tools, like your hair dryer or flat iron, can also prevent split ends from happening. These products are gentler to your hair, as they are designed to heat up to just the right temperatures.

Most importantly, be gentle to your hair. Try not to over process your hair with too many chemicals or cheap styling products. Don’t over wash it either, as that can strip essential oils from your hair. If you wear your hair up, be sure to use covered elastics that are metal free.


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