What are the health benefits of cherries?

Benefits of Cherries

Benefits of Cherries

Question: What are the health benefits of cherries?
Cherries aren’t only a delicious treat, but they’re also full of health benefits. Loaded with vitamins and fiber, cherries provide valuable nutrition and can help you feel fuller longer, which is great for your waistline.

The flavonoids in cherries pack a powerful antioxidant punch, especially when it comes to fighting cancer. Antioxidants help your body fight free radicals, which may help stop cancer cells from growing. If you suffer from arthritis or gout, considering adding cherries to your diet. Studies show that they help reduce the buildup of the uric acid that causes pain, swelling and tenderness.

The potassium in cherries is also great for helping lowering blood pressure because it balances the sodium levels in your body. For trouble sleeping, reach for the cherry juice. Cherries contain melatonin and act as a natural sleep inducer.


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