Natural Home Remedies for Joint Pain?

Natural Remedies for Joint Pain

Natural Remedies for Joint Pain

Joint pain can be caused by arthritis, age or other chronic conditions. Instead of only relying on over-the-counter or prescription medicine, consider using natural remedies for your joint pain.

Heat can help, especially if it contains the natural extract capsaicin or cayenne. Mix it with coconut or lanolin before rubbing it on your skin. Use it daily to help significantly reduce your joint pain. For addition pain relief, take your turmeric, ginger and bromelain. The combination of these three natural remedies not only provides pain relief, but it also reduces stiffness and swelling.

Fighting inflammation can help reduce your joint pain, and two of the best natural remedies for that are flaxseed and exercise. Flaxseeds contain omega-3 fatty acids, which are great for boosting your immune system. Exercise, such as yoga and light weight training, can improve your range of motion and reduce joint stiffness.


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