Month 6 of Your Pregnancy

Month 6 of Your Pregnancy

Month 6 of Your Pregnancy


It might be hard to believe, but during the 5th month of pregnancy your baby is growing hair not only on their head, but also on other parts of their body. The additional hair is designed to help protect your baby while they are in the womb.

Now that your baby weighs about a pound, and is developing muscles, you should feel it move, as he/she stretches. You might be able to see your baby’s movements on your growing belly. Your baby will probably tend to be more active when you are lying down or resting, as opposed to when you are moving around.

During the fifth month, you will experience some of the same symptoms as you did in the previous month, including fatigue, gas, stretch marks, and swollen feet. Your belly won’t be the only thing expanding this month; your butt and breast will also increase in size. You may find breathing difficult as your baby is taking up more and more space, and pushes on your internal organs. Some women report an itchy belly as their skin continues to expand and grow.

Your belly button may start to pop out, small bumps may appear around your nipples, and you may also develop varicose veins. Putting your feet up will help with your achy legs, swollen ankles, and reduce the appearance of the varicose veins. In addition, sleeping will begin to become a bit more difficult, as you balance between frequent trips to the bathroom to pee, and trying to find a comfortable position to sleep.

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