Month 7 of Your Pregnancy

Month 7 of Your Pregnancy

Month 7 of Your Pregnancy


You have now officially entered the third and final trimester of pregnancy. It might be hard to believe that in a few short months you will finally get to meet your baby. In the 7th month of pregnancy your baby’s hearing is fully formed, and they can react to all types of sounds, which is why you might be feeling all kinds of kicks even though space inside the womb is becoming tighter.

Your baby’s skin is becoming less wrinkled as fat begins to deposit under the skin. Your baby’s lungs are now developed enough for breathing, and the central nervous system can now control breathing and body temperature. By the 7th month of pregnancy your baby has eyelashes, and their liver and spleen are able to produce blood cells, until their bone marrow takes over in later part of the month. If you are having a boy, his testes will start to move down into his scrotum.

As for you, during the 7th month of pregnancy you will continue to gain more weight, which is perfectly natural. Your baby needs you to gain this weight. You may notice that your breasts start to leak a clear fluid, and you may feel a little off balance, in addition to feeling tired and sore.

Vaginal discharge will start to increase during your seventh month, along with your heartburn and need to pee. Your body may feel sore all over as your baby takes up more space causing more pressure to be placed on your internal organs, and spine. You may also Braxton Hicks contractions during this month, as your body prepares for labor.

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