How to do a Sock Bun

How to do a Sock Bun

How to do a Sock Bun

From the topknot to a myriad of braids, DIY hair is making it easier than ever for almost anyone to create fun updos. One of the most popular DIY looks is the sock bun; called this because it literally utilizes a clean sock to help create a modern, yet classically fashionable bun.

Sock Bun Step-by-step

Step 1.

Selecting the Right Sock

To create a sock bun, you first need to select a sock. This is perfect time to use one of those random socks you have in your drawer that no longer has a mate. You ideally want to choose a sock that is as close to your hair color as possible, and is no longer than mid-calf in length. Since you will be cutting the sock, make sure it isn’t made from material that will unravel.

Step 2.

Cutting & Rolling the Sock

In order to turn your sock into a tube, you need to cut off the toe. To keep your cut line straight, use a pair of fabric scissors and cut along the seam of the sock’s toe end. Next roll your sock into a circular shape resembling a donut.

Sock for Sock Bun
Step 3.

Create Your Ponytail

Pull your hair into a tight, high ponytail. Then slip your rolled sock over the tip of the ponytail.

Sock Bun Step 1
Step 4.

Tucking hair around the Sock

Then, tuck the ends of the ponytail around the outside of the sock and into the center so that it begins to look like a bun.

Sock Bun Step 2
Step 5.

Rolling the Sock

Now that your bun is started, continue to roll the sock down towards the base of your ponytail, utilizing the same motion you used to roll the sock into the donut shape. This will ensure the sock is completely covered by the hair and that all of the hair is gathered around the sock.

Sock Bun Step 3
Step 6.

Finishing off your look

After you have finished rolling the sock down to the base of the ponytail, check to make sure all the hair is in place and none of the sock is showing. Then, use bobby pins to carefully secure any loose places of your bun. Finish the look off with a few sprays of hairspray to keep fly-aways in place.

Sock Bun Step 4

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