Hair Colors For The Fall

Fall Hair Colors

Fall Hair Colors


When the seasons change especially in the fall, it is the perfect time to try a new hair color.  Fall colors are so rich and vibrant and make the perfect guide when spicing up your hair color. In general, going one to two shades darker is a good ideal, but is is a good idea to consult with your stylist to see works best with your skin tone.


Blonde Hair Color For Fall

Trade that bright summer blonde in for a deeper, warmer, golden shade for added richness and depth. If you want to stay light try adding a few platinum blonde highlights to accentuated the golden strands.

Butter Blonde

Butter Blonde Hair Color

Golden Blonde

Golden Blonde Hair Color

Brown Hair Color For Fall

I recommend chestnuts and chocolates for brunettes during the fall months. Adding a touch of red or gold to the formula creates a warmer tone. You can also try a bit of violet for more vibrancy.

Red Browns

Red Brown Hair Color

Chocolate Browns

Chocolate Brown Hair Color

Golden Browns

Golden Brown Hair Color

Red Hair Color For Fall

Red is great color for Autumn. Whether you go with a copper/red or opt for a red/violet depends on your skin tone. Ask you stylist for a recommendation.


Red Copper Hair Color


Red Violet Hair Color

Be daring and try something new!!

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