Olive Oil Hair Treatment

Olive Oil Hair Treatment

Olive Oil Hair Treatment


Olive oil has become a very popular treatment for dry hair. It is a rich emollient loaded with essential enzymes, vitamins and fatty acids which nourish and condition hair. Damage is caused from hair dye, flat irons and even using hair dryers can damage the outer layer of your hair outer layer of your hair. The oil coats the shaft of your hair, helping to keep it healthy and protected and if used regularly, you will notice a significant change in your hairs shine, manageability, and overall health. Remember not all olive oils are the same, and the better the quality of the oil, the better the results. I always use cold-pressed, extra virgin olive oil, but if this is not available look for virgin olive oil. Avoid products that are simply labeled “olive oil” or “pure olive oil”, because these have been chemically processed. The treatment process is simple and the benefits and rewarding.

Benefits of Olive Oil for Hair


Dandruff Relief

The white, flaky skin is a result of an overly dry scalp. Olive oil is a great natural moisturizer and is quickly absorbed by the scalp.

Frizzy Hair

Static frizz and flayaway hair is an issue for those with dry, brittle hair with a large amount split ends and cuticle damage. Olive Oil when applied to the hair helps smooth down the cuticle and compromised ends taming frizz instantly.

Enhance Shine

Olive oil restores dull and lifeless hair’s natural shine by delivering moisture to damaged, dry areas.

Increased Manageability

By improving your hair’s overall health and condition you’ll find that it’s easy to style, manage comb.


Rough, course hair is a characteristic of dryness and with regular use. olive oil saturates your hair with moisture softening your hair texture.

Treatment Directions

  1. Place a towel across your shoulders, the oil can get messy.
  2. Remove all the tangles from your hair using a comb and then began applying the oil to DRY your hair. Your hair must be completely dry because oil and water don’t mix and moisture will prevent the oil from completely coating and absorbing into each strand.
  3. Add little at a time, completely saturating your hair and scalp, but not dripping.
  4. Use a wide toothed comb to spread the olive oil from your roots to your ends.
  5. Then place your hair loosely on your head and cover with a plastic shower cap.
  6. Allow to set for at least 30 minutes and up to 2 hours depending on how dry your hair is.
  7. Then using a mild shampoo, apply directly over the oil before getting hair wet, wash out, you may need to shampoo a second time then finish with conditioner.
  8. Repeat this treatment once a week.


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